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Can I get in trouble for asking my friend if she's selling her food stamps?

Aurora, CO |

My friend just got her food stamps, and said she wanted to buy me food. I said no ill just buy them from you cause I know you need the money. Well she ended up buying me food I never gave her any money. We got into an argument and she keeps harassing me and saying she's going to call the cops on me if I don't pay her back she's going to get me for asking if she was selling her foodstamps. I only asked cause I felt bad, and she keeps bothering me. Also there was never an agreement to pay her back. Or discussion of it!

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You are not likely to get arrested for the discussion you describe, but it is not legal to buy food stamps from someone and you could have been arrested if you had actually made that deal. It would further be illegal to use the food stamps that you bought from her. You might as well give her money as a gift rather than offer a transaction like that.

Threatening to call the police if you dont' give her money may constitute criminal extortion on her part.

Your best bet is to put this behind you and quit talking to this person before you get yourself in real trouble.

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But I'm not talking to her she keeps bothering me and bad mouthing me. I never bought foodstamps from her. She took me food shopping. There was no discussion of pay back.

Stephen Clark Harkess

Stephen Clark Harkess


It sounds like she is wrong, but there is nothing you can do to make her into a kind and reasonable person. All you can do is to try to limit your contact with her.


Any fraud, misuse, waste, or abuse of the food assistance program could result in loss of future benefits and criminal charges of fraud or theft.