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Can i get fired for being accused of horse paly it shows clearly on video i was not now they terminated me for horse play

Denton, TX |

i was not horseplaying i fell down the stairs fractured my spine as the video shows

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Texas is an at-will state, meaning they can fire you for almost any reason without liability. They are however liable for your injuries via workers compensation. If your employer does not have workers compensation you can hold them personally liable for your injuries if another employee or a condition of the stairs etc.. caused your injuries. If that is the case, then your injuries may entitle you to a substantial settlement or verdict. Do you have a copy of the video showing your fall? If not you need to get a lawyer immediately to preserve the evidence. If you have any questions or just want to know your rights please do not hesitate to call or ask.

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You can be fired for any reason but it cannot be an illegal reason.

It appears the notice behind your termination isn't right. You may want to contact an attorney with knowledge of employment law and workers compensation.

Sooner is better when there is a video involved.

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You need to talk to a local workers compensation attorney ASAP. If you were engaged in horseplay in the workplace then your injury may not be compensable under the workers compensation system. If you were not, then it sounds like your employer is trying to set up a defense to a very terrible injury. A workers compensation attorney can help you.