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Can i get emancipated if im 16 and pregnant have a steady job and good grades in the state of wisconsin?

Pell Lake, WI |

i ran away once already because my parents used to hit me sense i got pregnant they havent been hitting me. the stress they put on me isnt good for my baby and they wont let me go live with my childs father

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It sounds like this has been asked before. Regardless, the answer is no - you cannot be emancipated in the State of Wisconsin. However, if you are the victim of abuse, you can (and should) contact the police.

It sounds like there is a lot more going on here that what is asked in this question, and I would encourage you to talk to someone outside of the situation for help (teacher, school administrator, etc.).

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You have a better chance to be elected Governor of Ohio, and you are a minor and don't even live there.