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Can I get divorced in US?

Overland Park, KS |

I was married on Februrary 2009 in India. We are both non-resident aliens, currently in US with individual work visas. We never registered our marriage in the US. We lived in California in a rented apartment and I moved out on May 2010. She still works in CA. I am currently in Overland Park, Kansas.

Can I get legally separated or divorced in US?

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Your marriage does not have to be registered in the United States. However, you do have to meet the Kansas residency requirement. You should consult a local divorce attorney to discuss your options.


Yes. But you must meet the residency requirement for the state you are filing for divorce in. Consult with a divorce lawyer.

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Good luck.

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Your concern should be posted on the family section for the divorce portion of this.

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