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Can I get crimes for Aggravated Robbery (4 counts), and 2 counts of Burglary of a habitation, sealed or expunged?

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I spent 10 years flat in TDC for these crimes and am having a hard time finding employment. Is there statute on sealing this, or is there a way to get my record expunged/sealed? It has been 9 years since any convictions.

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Unfortunately no. Convictions are permanent and cannot be sealed or expunged. The only ways to remove these cases from your record are both rare. You can try to get a pardon or you can try to have the cases overturned on a writ of habeas corpus (you would need to consult an appellate attorney on a writ).

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No. Offenses that resulted in either prison/jail time or straight probation can never be expunged, sealed, nor do they drop off your record after any period of time. A pardon would seem to be the only method of relief for you. You can talk to a local lawyer, but be forewarned: they are very, very difficult to obtain. Be wary of a lawyer who tells you otherwise.


I agree with the previous answers. Last time I checked, an average of about 4% of pardon applications were granted by the board last year.

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I'm afraid you may be saddled with these convictions. If you spent time in prison for these felonies then you have final convictions which can neither be sealed nor expunged.

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