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Can I get back into Pre trial diversion?

Englewood, FL |

I was offered pre trial diversion for possession of marijuana under 20 grams and paripha. I have been attending my substance abuse classes but of course failed my 1st drug test which made me violate PTD, which shouldn't be right since THC takes so long to leave the system. Now I have to go back to court but am still attending classes. Would I be able to get back into PTD since it was only my 1st test I failed? Also I just took another last week and was clean so im very upset they violated me for failing my initial test.

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Attorney answers 3


Admission into the pretrial diversion program is up to the state attorneys office. They are the gate keepers of the program. You should have your attorney contact their office to see if they could refer you back into the program.


Typically the judge will allow you a free pass on the first drug test, however, diversion is run by the State Attorney's Office and is a privilege, not a right.


You just can't skate on thin ice. PTD was a big gift. You should consult an attorney to see if you can get back into the program. You cannot do it yourself.