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Can I get away with lying about my community service hours?

Des Moines, IA |

I'm a minor and got caught with drug paraphernalia and was wondering if I could get away with lying for about four and a half hours of my community service. I end probation on the 26th of June, and I have eleven and a half hours done (that I've actually showed done) and I was just wondering, if my last meeting with my officer is on the 26th, would he actually call the people I worked for and check to make sure I was there every day? Or would I just be discharged that day when I show him the service hour sheet?

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Do not lie to your probation officer. If you don't have the hours done, then call him him tomorrow and ask for an extension or complete the hours before the deadline. It is the only way. You would be in contempt of a court order otherwise.


A lawyer cannot assist you in defrauding the court. If you present a false record to your probation officer, there is an extremely high risk that you'll get in far worse trouble than you are in already.


Don't even think about lying to your probation office-do as other counsel suggested. Either get the hours done over this weekend and before the 26th, or ask for an extension of time to finish them up.


Do not lie. Do the community service this weekend. Four hours is not a lot. There is no real benefit to lying about your community service.

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