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Can I get an underage drinking changed to disorderly conduct

Macungie, PA |

I live in lehigh county, I'm 18. This will be my 3rd underage is there anyway if I have a lawyer that I could get it changed to disorderly conduct

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There are many fine Avvo lawyers who practice in Lancaster County. The problem you face is that you are a repeat offender and will not have any sympathy from law enforcement. You need treatment. Good luck.


i dont practice there but in my county, with this being your third, you are unlikely to get a break. However, it is not impossible. Discuss it with a local attorney. If you have a defense he can use, they may be willing to give you what you want.


As is the case with most criminal matters, the specific facts are usually helpful to providing assn answer. The potential issues that are important at the nature of your confrontation by thepolice, the method they used to determine or conclude that you were drinking, and the manner in which YOU reacted when confronted. If you were troublesome to the police, they will certainly not be sympathetic to a 3rd-time offender. However, if they lacked probable cause for confronting you initially, then they stand a chance of losing the case in suppression, and thus might be willing to cut a deal anyway, even on a 3rd offense. It would also be significant to know if they breathalyzed you, since there have been some very recent decisions in Pa. where the breathalyzer machines have been found to be improperly maintained/calibrated, etc., and that coud be a basis to challenge the charge sufficient to get a deal perhaps.