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Can i get an extension for my appeal from social security disability?

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I have been having a hard time doing my appeal for social security disability....just these past 2 weeks alone i have been hospitalized for halusinating from lack of sleep...also i went to two different treatment centers for substance abuse...i have realized im addicted to the pain medicine and wanted help. IS there anything i can do online? I have no printer and my time to file for an appeal ends monday. ty!

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Here are the steps to appeal a disability denial online. Go to the website. Under Top Services, select appeal a disability decision. Complete the online application. You need your Social Security Number, Name on the denial, Date of denial and date of birth.
If you lack any of that information, you will not be able to appeal online.

You can not use this process if you have been denied by an administrative law judge after a hearing.

For specific information about appealing see my blog:
at the link below.


You have 60 days from the date of the denial letter to file your appeal. You also have an "additional" 5 days for mail time. As of today, you may still be within the 65 days (60+5) in which to file your appeal. If so - go to your local office, file the appeal, get a date-stamped copy for your records.

If you are outside of the 65 days - go to your local office to give a statement of "good cause" and ask for extension of time. In fact, write your letter of good cause - why you couldn't file in time - and then take it to your local office to submit and to file the appeal.

This sooner you get this done, the "less late" you will be and the more likely your request for an extension of time will be granted.

DO NOT SEND THINGS BY MAIL unless it is certified, return receipt. DO NOT CALL THE 1-800 NUMBER for this. ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS get a date-stamped copy of anything you submit to Social Security, and always keep copies. Good luck.

Charles K. Kenyon Jr.

Charles K. Kenyon Jr.


Although your answer here is short, it contains vital information. You might consider writing an AVVO Guide on the topic.