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Can I get an eviction judgement removed from my record?

Hollywood, FL |

In 2005, during a money draining divorce, I bounced my rent check. I was given a notice to have a cashier's check to the rental management office by 5 P.M. I did so, they were never there so I dropped it in the drop box. Next day, I've got eviction notices on my door. They said I didn't make it by 5. Anyway, I didn't go to court because I was not notified. The hearing took place, judgement against me. In the interim, I paid the rent through the courts as directed, rent plus fees. In the end, the landlord said I could stay if I paid court fees, late fees, etc. I did. I lived there for another year and a half. I didn't even realize I had a record until the other day. On paper, I was evicted, but I remained there with owner's consent and paid til my lease was up. What can I do?

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Are you worried about your credit report or the court file saying you were evicted? For the credit report, see my website for help. As it relates to the court file, fiiles can be sealed, but with difficulty. You will need to see a lawyer for this. Want to know the law? Sign up for our free newsletter on varies areas of the law by sending an email to and requesting the newsletter, or go to