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Can I get an annulment in Oregon?

Salem, OR |

I got married almost a year ago. I have never lived with spouse, no joint accts, nothing that binds us, no kids. I have come to learn that she has another name that she goes by and that by marrying a US Citizen her hopes is to become legalized in the USA. Can I file for an annulment. This marriage is a farce, a fraud.

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Oregon does have an annullment statute and it looks like you may qualify for an annulment based on the facts presented, especially of your spouse does not object. Even so, the proceeding may be amended to an uncontested dissolution. Many people do annullments for purposed of having the marriage declared "void", but the legal effects are essentially the same as a divorce, the marriage is dissolved. I would see a lawyer and have the documents prepared as soon as possible so that you have a higher chance of having the annulment allowed.