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Can I get an annulment? Where do I start? Do I need a lawyer and how much?

Katy, TX |

I married my husband after only knowing him two weeks. We moved in together and a week later he left out of town. I feel defrauded by him because he lead me to believe that he would be just that, a husband. He has disappeared while out of town for work, he has not called or made an attempt to contact me in over a week. I have messages from him threatening to kill me. I have messages saying he would pay our bills while he is out of town which he has NOT at all. This is why i feel defrauded. I never knew he would be violent and lie. These messages were before he went MIA. I think he is avoiding me and is dangerous. It has now been a month total that we have been married. Out of this entire month we have only been together 5 days. Please let me know if this is grounds for an annulment?

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It probably it is grounds for an annulment. You can try to do it on your own--if you fail, the court will just let you try again...and again...and again until it gets tired of you. But it will be easier on your soul and much quicker if you'd hire a good local family law attorney and let him or her do this for you. I don't know how much attorneys in your area charge for a suit of this sort.

Good luck!!


You need a good family law attorney in your area to advise you.

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