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Can I get an aggressive probate attorney to do contingency our low income case for me. my case is good. but lawyers wants $200h

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I'm actively seeking representation. For a litigation dispute against executor of estate. I was gifted a truck on xmas. He got his lawyer to send letter for property back. I have Witnesses. also have proof that deceased gifted me prior gifts.. I live in a house 50% joint split w the deceased he never lived w me. letter states that I can buy his share or liquidate house & sell. deceased intended for me to stay in the house. I have witnesses that he write iquit claim deeds but he lives in AZ. & the unsigned revised will says so but it wasnt signed even though he states in there both are to be mine along w another house & split a business..but since new will wasn't signed ,there's nothing I can do about it they say. -or is there? I have less than $500 to spend at this point I need legal help!

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This is going to be difficult I would guess. I'm not sure if a private attorney would handle this on a pure contingency because it may not economically be worthwhile. At the same time, a pure hourly rate would would be uneconomical for you.

I think your best two options would be to either (1) find an attorney who would accept a small flat fee and a contingency, or a (2) pro bono attorney.

Best of luck to you.

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Elster is rightly skeptical. An unsigned will is probably no help. And who knows how many other people the deceased promised things? So you may end up disputing the gift of the truck. If it is not worth much, you may need to represent your self in a lower court. If it is worth a lot, a lawyer might take the case. You could afford a consultation. Put together all the documents and names of witnesses and what they would say. Then go see a lawyer about it. Act quickly before the state is distributed.

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