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Can I get a ticket the day after I get pulled over?

Clarkston, WA |

I got pulled over tonight for having a headlight out. I did not have my insurance card or license on me because I left it at my work. The police officer let me go. Then 5 minutes later showed up at my home asking for my license and insurance. Can he do that? I told him it was at work but could bring to him tomorrow. He only works the graveyard and said to show it to someone at the desk. Can he do anything to me if I don't being it in?

can he do anything to me if I don't "bring" it it?

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This is a bit odd that an officer would go out of his way to contact you at home for an infraction. It almost seems like he/she is trying to cut you a break if you can produce your information. Bottom line is the officer can cite you at a later date but has five business days to file the ticket with the court. If you can provide the information requested, you MIGHT get out of the ticket.

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