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Can i get a ticket removed from my record after it has been paid?

Kokomo, IN |

I have a CDL and going to lose my job because of too many tickets, 4 speeding and 1 seatbelt, unless i can get one removed. I thought maybe the seatbelt could be removed because it's a minor violation. I realize once paid I've admitted guilt. Can it be done at ANY cost?

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It may be possible to get one or more points removed. I would need more information to offer suggestions.
I have successfully had pleas set aside and resolved the cases without a point.
Has the DMV sent you the notice of suspension? You can and should request a hearing.
Feel free to call me to discuss the possibilities.
(925) 828-3008


It may be possible to have some of the tickets and/or points removed. I would need to know more facts before being able to give more suggestions.

Juan C. Garcia, Jr.
Attorney At Law

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