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Can I get a ticket dismissed when the wrong VC is used?

Cypress, CA |

Received tix under VC 22406(b), however, actual violation as described by officer was towing in the wrong lane.

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Your question is a bit unclear . Did officer write towing in wrong lane? In any case, get an attorney and fight this ticket .

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Generally if the officer testifies about one violation and it does not support the facts of the charged violation you should be found not guilty. However, more information is needed to answer your question and you need to hire competent traffic ticket defense counsel.

Feel free to contact us for a consultation. Iannelli & Associates, 949 729-3171 This answer does not constitute legal advice and no attorney client relationship is created. Every case has many facts which are different and distinctly theirs, make sure that you understand this is general information and it would be advisable to constact a competent lawyer for personal legal advice.


If the officer wrote that as a description next to the VC code on the ticket, you could file a demurrer.