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Can I get a restricted Driving permit to legaly drive between work hours.

Phoenix, AZ |

I have been convicted of a extreem Dui in January of 2013 and also pleaded to a wreckless driving charge back in 2008 ( dui to the slight degree ) My Questions is there any possiblity to obtain a restricted driving permit to drive during work hours. At this point my license has been revoked and my job requires that I am legally able to drive.

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The restricted driving permit is available before conviction but not after you plead guilty or are convicted. As you have already been convicted, this is likely not an option for you as the typical penalty calls for license revocation for one year. Check with the MVD to be certain.


I agree with the other attorney's answer. Also wanted to mention that if you had an attorney on either of the cases, it might be wise to give them a call. Good luck.

Jasen Nielsen


You should talk with the MVD about what are the conditions that you ned to follow to get your license back and what can you do now to drive.


I also wanted to add, if you get arrested for a DUI now, with a suspended license, you will be looking at an Aggravated DUI, Class 4 Felony. That charge mandates 4 months in prison.