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Can I get a restraining order against my ex/father of my two children who repeatingly sends me degrading/hateful texts messages

Chattanooga, TN |

He hasnt threatening my life but says everything remotely close to it. Degrading me, saying mean things about me to our two young daughters and saying I will regret or pay for what I have done. (which is simply keeping the girls from him as much as possible due to former drug, alcohol and physical and emotional abuse towards me)

I am concerned that I may not have grounds for a restraining order, but see no other course of action to stop his harassment. Please help, we shave court soon and I want to be prepared and ready to present the family court judge with sufficient support of my actions. Thank you.

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My first comment is that you should try to contact an attorney that deals in Family law issues because this sounds like a situation where a restraining order/personal protection order is attainable. If you cannot find an attorney to at least speak with, then just present the judge with the same evidence you have here. Text messages that are degrading would be relevant to parenting time and many judges will put the welfare of the children over any parental claim of the father with his past actions. There is never a guarantee for anything, but if the past issues are as clear cut as you present here, then you probably have a good case. Good luck.

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Attorney Burns is correct. You should be able to get a restraining order. The only issue would be how it would affect open communication with the father for purposes of visitation under the parenting plan. I would need to see the final decree and parenting plan to be able to fully assess your situation. I am in Chattanooga and would be happy to meet with you to discuss your case fully. Feel free to call to set up an appointment for a free consultation. You can reach me at 822-8300.

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If you have an upcoming court hearing, you need to fully brief your attorney about these issues. I suggest you not go to any hearing without counsel. Try to secure an attorney before the hearing.

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