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Can I get a refund on a final sale wedding dress?

Leesburg, VA |

I bought a wedding dress two weeks ago and felt that I was pushed into purchasing the dress by the sales associate. The salesperson kept talking about another buyer who was interested in the dress and kept telling me I would need to buy the dress that day. Stupidly, I bought it. I have never taken the dress out of the store nor had any alterations done and the store is saying that they won't refund the money. They just wrote me an email with inaccurate information - false claims of things I had said and false information on the dates of when I had reached out to them to get the refund. Am I stuck in the final sale or is there any way I can get a refund?

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You bought something you knew was a "final sale" and you allowed yourself to succumb to high pressure sales tactics. You've got no legal argument I can see.

But you do have some leverage here. There's social media such as Facebook and Yelp at your disposal, and this store will not want the bad publicity of an unhappy customer, so you might get somewhere with your refund request if you note the fact that apparently according to this sales associate, there was another customer who wanted this dress, and you wouldn't want to have to publicize this unfortunate incident to your vast network on FB, Yelp, etc., so isn't there some way the store can refund your money?

Also, if you paid with a credit card, you can dispute the purchase with them/ Follow the directions on your credit card statement to use this method of dispute, which may only be temporary, but will tell the store you're serious.

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