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Can i get a reduction in my fine & avoid license suspension?(second underage drinking offence in more than a year from the )

Eau Claire, WI |

I got my second underage drinking ticket two days ago.I am 20 years old. The first one i got was more than a year ago and i sent in my fine and pleaded guilty without going to court to contest it. I would like to go to court for this second one and i was wondering if it is possible that if i take a class, my fine be reduced and avoid license suspension. I do not have a license yet.

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It is certainly possible. You will likely get a better outcome if you hire a local attorney to give you a hand with this. I suggest that you consult with one immediately.

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The license suspensions for underage drinking charges are only mandatory if there have been convictions for two instances of drinking within a 12 month period. Though a judge may issue a license suspension for any underage drinking offense. Contact a couple local attorneys who handle municipal citations or criminal matters regularly and see if they can give you an idea of what outcomes they could provide. Additionally, some district attorney or court clerk websites give general guidelines for underage consumption ticket penalties in areas where a lot of these citations are issued, such as college towns.