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Can I get a pretrial diversion in Tennessee for a speeding ticket?

Murray, KY |

I was going 77mph in a 55mph zone and received a citation in Dover, TN. I have one ticket from 3 years ago for doing 75mph in a 55mph zone in Benton, KY. I didn't know if TN has the same options as in KY (i.e. driving class to keep insurance down).

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Get a attorney in or around Dover, TN. Spend the money if you have it. If you just don't have the money and you don't want to or can't go to court in Dover, then pay the ticket, but you just pay the ticket, you will be pleading guilty and will probably get the points on your driver's license. if you hire an attorney, he might be able to stop the points on your driver's license.


22 miles per hour in Kentucky carries 6 points on any road or highway in this state (16-25 mph over speed limit). In addition to the points there will be an assessment of approximately of a $44.00 fine plus approx. $135.00.

I would contact local counsel in Dover, TN to see if the charge can be amended (if you were on the highway) or to see if they have some type of diversion program.They may have a referral to drivers reeducation program so that points won't be assessed on your license.

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