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Can I get a personal injury lawyer?

Eugene, OR |

I bought a Laptop adapter April of last year.
It had a warranty of 1 year on it. (So it is expired by a few months)

Just yesterday afternoon (Monday, July 1st) My laptop suddenly acted like it wasn't plugged in anymore.
Being the computer tech that I am and having issues with them before, I figured it was the adapter.
I grabbed it to inspect it and my index finger immediately sunk into the bottom of it, through the plastic. This instantly burned a decent chunk of skin off the finger.

It was suggested that I contact a lawyer.
So I would like to, but I am not 100% sure if I would be wasting my time or not.
- The item was bought from e-bay slightly over a year ago.
- The item appears to be a knockoff with no clear manufacturer
- The warranty expired in April.

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Most PI lawyers will spend an hour with you for free. There are several really good firms in Eugene. They might even be able to help you identify who sold you the bad goods and evaluate whether or not you should pursue the matter. Often bad ebay sellers shut down and it is hard to locate them. It wouldn't hurt you to sit down and talk to an attorney.

The response is based on the information provided. Absent an express agreement, this communication does not constitute legal advice or create an attorney-client relationship.


Can you? Of course.
Will you win? No way to tell. Ebay, a year ago, knock off, hurt finger---an attorney with all the facts might be able to identify issues on which a complaint could be maintained--but off hand it's not a slam dunk.

NOT LEGAL ADVICE. FOR EDUCATION AND INFORMATION ONLY. Mr. Rafter is licensed to practice in the Commonwealth of Virginia and the US Federal Courts in Virginia. There is no implied or actual attorney-client relationship arising from this education exchange. You should speak with an attorney licensed in your state, to whom you have provided all the facts before you take steps that may impact your legal rights. Mr. Rafter is under no obligation to answer subsequent emails or phone calls related to this matter.


You can certainly get an attorney but winning your case is impossible to predict in any case.

Call for a free consultation at 727-937-1400 or visit us on the Web at


You can certainly have a lawyer in your city investigate.

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