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Can I get a judgment vacated for an automobile insurance settlement?

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I was involved in an auto accident in 2005. The other driver filed for damages in 2008. We went to trial in 2009. I did not prove that he hit me so he won for $5000 and the insurance company paid it promptly. It is now a judgment in my credit history until 2016. My credit is othewise great but this has cost me an opportunity to refinace my home and I've been denied other credit. This was not a credit failure. What can I do?

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You should make sure that an Order of Satisfaction was filed in the case. This is a document filed with the court that will prove that the judgment was satisfied. If it has not been filed, you should contact the attorney that represented you in the case and get them to have the opposing attorney file an Order of Satisfaction.

You cannot get the judgment vacated. It is a final judgment.

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contact your defense counsel who should have required plaintiff's counsel in the 2008 case to mark the court docket as settled and discontinued. it can be done now if the claim has been satisfied, and doing so will resolve the blemish that is hurting your credit.

It is always best to speak in detail with an attorney when seeking answers to legal questions. You should not depend upon an answer to a legal question that is only based upon your initial inquiry which may not contain all of the facts necessary for one to make an informed opinion. I suggest contacting someone local to your area in order to go over more of the specifics related to your situation.


Order of satisfaction

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