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Can I get a J-1 visa with an approved immigrant petition?

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I have an approved immigrant petition (my sister, a US citizen filed an immigrant petition; my priority date August 5, 2010). Now I am applying through an organization for a J-1 exchange visitor visa as a world language teacher to teach in the US.
My question is:
a) Can/Will I be denied a J-1 visa based on my dual intent (coming/immigrating to the US)? (But I have an immigrant petition that has been approved by the USCIS. But how will a consular officer look at the case? Can he deny the J-1 visa? Under what circumstances can he approve it?) Thanks a lot ;)

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Yes, because a sister petition will take more than 10 years to process ... you can get a J because there is no risk that you'll adjust your status to a greencard during your J.

Plan on going home and make sure there is no 2 year restriction on the J.

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You may find it difficult to prove nonimmigrant intent with an approved I-130.

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It will be necessary for you to prove that you have a foreign residence you have no intention of abandoning and a bona fide nonimmigrant intent. The fact that you have an approved immigrant visa petition is not an automatic disqualifier.

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