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Can I get a hold of a juvenile's probation officer? Will he listen to what I have to say?

Surprise, AZ |

This minor is on probation for possession of marijuana. I recently found out thru my daughter's texts messages that he sales pot and pill to minors at parties. He even made arragements with my daughter to drop off a dime under door matt and for her to leave him the money. My daughter confesed that back in October he sold her some extacy pill and that she has been smoking pot with friends for the past few months and he sells it to them. I keep bloking his numbers and he keeps insisting to get a hold of my daughter becuase he is crazy for her. I have told him many times for the past 3 years to stay away from my daughter because he's always been a bad influence but he doesn't listen and his mother doesn't care what he does. Do you think his P.O. can give me a hand with this issue?

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Call your local police department and file a report. However, if your daughter is still using, she may get caught up in the results also, The probation officer won't discuss his case with you back will probably listen to you so go ahead and call, I would try and make sure you can be discreet as you don't want your daughter in any danger.

John Hunsucker


A call to to the minor's probation officer is certainly one approach to take, and hopefully that JPO will do something about the situtation.

Another possibility is to obtain an injunction against harassment against this individual who continues to contact your daughter over your objections. If your daughter is under 18, you can file the request for the injunction on her behalf.

You must be careful about what you tell the judge to whom you present the petition for injunction about your daughter's use of drugs. However, that is not the purpose of the petition. The purpose is to keep this bad influence away from your daughter. Once you have obtained the injunction, he may challenge it, but that would probably not be a good idea for him if you have saved the text messages he has sent regarding providing your daughter with drugs.

Once the injunction is in place, if he contacts your daughter again, you may call the police and he can be arrested for violating a court order. He can still be proceeded against by his probation officer.