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Can I get a guardianship transferred from NC to FL? I f yes, is this difficult and time consuming?

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I am the custodian for my grandchild. I was also appointed guardian of the person for my grandchild after the death of her mother. a NC lawyer was appointed guardian of the estate (financial).
Fl is the home state of the child and has been since early 2011. I would like to have this guardianship case transferred to FL, as the financial guardian is difficult for me to communicate with, I do not think he puts the best interest of the child first, and we live in FL, so when my grandchild turns 18, this would be more convenient for her.

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It stars in NC. Contact the attorney who is guardian of the Estate and find out from him what is needed in NC. The paperwork in Florida is routine, but you will have to pay for that and there will be yearly accountings that have to be paid as well. Those monies typically come out of the guardianship funds.

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I agree with my colleague. It is quite possible to "move" the guardianship to Florida but it will cost money and take some time. How much time it takes is a function of how well the parties work together under the circumstances. I do work on cases such as these and would be happy to speak with you at your convenience. Please feel free to contact me at 321-972-9327. Good luck, Bill Rosenfelt

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In Florida, you might be able to get temporary custody by extended family instead of going the whole guardianship route. Contact the lawyer in NC to find out if the guardianship of the person can be moved, or perhaps dismissed up there because you can do another procedure here.

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I am the guardian of the person (appointed by superior court clerk of courts), I am also the custodian of the minor (appointed by judge in district court). The financial guardian is in NC. I was told by NC clerks office that I should just go to the probate here or an attorney here and you should know what to do. So, this is why I am asking


The guardianship is supposed to be where the minor child resides. So if she is now living in FL, then you need to move guardianship to FL.
You will need to establish a guardianship here and then have the NC guardianship transferred to the FL guardianship.
In FL, a guardian must be represented by an attorney. So you need to meet with a guardianship attorney to get this going.


The transfer ic usually a straight forward process.
You will need court approval to move the child.
We offer free consults and two offices in Polk county.

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