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Can I get a green card if this happened? After divorce?

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Can I get a permanent green card after divorce before the 2 years? I have the conditional green card. I divorced after 1 year of marriage. I applied with I-751 Waiver. These are the circumstances:

-Married US citizen after 3 months of dating on tourist visa
-Split up 2 months after I got conditional green card, 6 months after marriage
-Ex wanted divorce right away, but I dragged it out another 8 months so it wouldn't look bad for my green card
-I got engaged to a girl from my country before the divorce became final and I want to bring her here
-Ex accused me of cheating during the marriage
-She reported things to immigration, saying I used her, .....which is not true

How does it look? I have documents like bills, pictures, and a rental lease. Will I get it? In terms of my ex's allegations, I will claim that she is crazy, which she is, and that I could not live with her, etc. Would they believe me? That is the case..

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It is possible, but I-751 waivers are NOT easy and should be handled by an attorney. From the facts you have stated here, it appears that your case will be particularly difficult due to the extremely short duration of your relationship and that fact that your ex-wife filed a report with immigration. Even if you have already filed for the waiver, it would be wise to involve an immigration attorney as soon as possible.

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