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Can I get a early release on a felony probation?

Union, NJ |

I was out on bail and traveling across the state time and time again for a 2 year long trial during which time I completed an outpatient mental health program and went to a counselor and psychiatrist. Finally a plea bargain was reached for a felony DWI charge that resulted in among other things 'up to' 5 years of felony probation. I was told at the time that after half was done I would get a chance every 6 months at being released early. I have attended all probation meetings and all counseling and psychiatric meetings and have not reoffended as well as obeyed all restrictions. Probation tells me that its up to the courts now and the court and lawyer I had are not very reachable and left it as being in probation's hands..Is there anyway to avoid 7 years of my life being lived like this

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It would seem from your question that your charges are from a state other than NJ. Is this correct? If so, you would need an attorney from that state to help you in this matter. Please feel free to call to discuss the matter further.

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NJ does not have "felony" DWI. It has vehicular assault charges that may include DWI. Union County also has a "mental health" court that allows for alternative dispositions in approapriate cases. You need to make a Motion to terminate probation early. It sounds like you can make a good case for it. This should be done through an experienced criminal trial attorney. Try to reach your last attorney who knows the case best. If not feel free to call my office.



both of these guys are good lawyers who care about their clients well being


It doesn’t sound like this is a NJ case. Is it NY? If yes an application can be made to the court to have probation terminated early. Try speaking with your probation officer. If s/he thinks it’s a good idea they would be in the best position to assist you with this. You can also speak to an attorney who can pitch it straight to the court. Good Luck

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