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Can I get a DWI expunged from my record based on what I am going to school for ?

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I am currently in school to become an EMT . I landed myself a DUI / DWI ( still going through the courts ) and am very concerned that I will not be able to obtain a job in that field due to my mistake . This is my first offense with nothing else on my record . Is it possible to have this removed ( expunged ) based on the fact that I made a mistake and am in school to better my life with this type of career ?

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Unfortunately, a DUI/DWI in Maryland can not be expunged, even if the outcome results in a PBJ. Occasionally, but VERY rarely a case might not be prosecuted. Realistically, the only way to keep it off your record, assuming it goes forward and isn't not prosecuted for some reason is to beat the matter at trial. Retain an attorney with experience taking DUIs to trial. Good Luck.


Initially, you must end up being found guilty before there will be any adverse consequences for you, regardless of whether by a plea agreement or after a trial.
Assuming you are found guilty, the court, in its discretion could enter a probation before judgment. A PBJ, Is not a conviction. And will not carry any points. It is a very good disposition which will likely not prevent you from becoming an EMT. However, if you are found guilty, and end up with aPBJ result, that is not expungeable The PBJ will always remain on your record but is usually not visible except by law enforcement, the states attorneys office, and for other court related purposes.
You should speak with a lawyer who can assist you in Resolving this in the best manner possible for your position.


An attorney can work with the State's Attorney for a disposition other than guilty. Although not expungable, it will not be a conviction and should not effect your position as an EMT.

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If the matter is still going through the courts, have you hired an attorney? Have you spoken about your concerns with the attorney? If not, you should do so immediately. Make sure the attorney understands your concerns and ask the attorney what if anything they can do to challenge the case. If you are found guilty of DUI, it is not expungable, even a probation before judgment. Take this case seriously

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