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Can I get a driving permit to get to work and pick up my kids,I was told that I cant,had a dui in 93 and now well not yet but

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court coming up I live in the country,my second dui was a crash I ws the only one hurt that im aware of,I read im a first timer if no tickets in five years,why could I not get a driving permit,I also read if you get a second dui could loss my licence for five years WHAT I havent had anything moving in 14 years the cop that give me the ticket I found lives two farms over,I almost feel my lawyer is in with the cop,he gave me a card to anther lawyer in his office to talk to about permit why someone help me please I need to work to take care of my family

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If your prior DUI was in 1993 you should be eligible for a monitoring device driving permit. This will allow you to drive during the course of your "summary suspension", after the first 30 days of the suspension passes. You will need to have a baiid device installed in the vehicle, but can then drive without restriction after the 30th day of the suspension.

However, upon getting a conviction for your present dui, your license will be revoked. That will trump the suspension. You will then be required to go before the Secretary of State for return of driving privileges (usually a restriced permit first) There is nothing in your description that tells me you will need to wait 5 years for that to occur.

Most likely, your are not understanding the legal advise you are getting from your current attorney. You should discuss your concerns with him/her, so that you can get a better grasp of what all your options are.

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