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Can i get a drivers license in another state?

Katy, TX |

I am a former resident of phoenix, az., 2003-2007, for school. recieved a DUI in 2004-2005, and never installed the interlock. moved home to Texas in 2007 and now need a license for work, in order to drive company vehicles. i never reinstated my arizona license. do not own a vehicle to install a interlock now nor do i want to. need clearance letter from arizona or a TX drivers license. Do i need an arizona or texas lawyer? where do i start?

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Attorney answers 2


This is a tricky question and will ultimately require you to sit down with a Texas attorney and have a consultation. Most States in the USA are signatories to the Interstate Compact. This means that if your Drivers license is suspended in one state and you move to another state the new state will honor the suspension until your satisfy the requirements of the original state. The real determining factor is whether or not your DL is suspended in Arizona. If it is then Texas will not issue you a Texas DL.
The best way to take care of this is consult a Texas lawyer have them find out the status of your Arizona DL. Then they will be able to advise you how to proceed


Contact the Arizona Department of Public Safety and determine the status of your license. If it is suspended, then chances are very, very great that you will be unable to get a license in Texas. Texas has agreements with most states (I think all but 1 or 2) which states that if your license is suspended in another state, then Texas will honor that suspension.

If you are suspended in Arizona, you will have to meet whatever requirements they have to straighten out the status before you can get your license in Texas.