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Can i get a degree in criminal justice and pursue being a juvenille probation officer if i have a criminal record?

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I am currently in college getting my major in criminal justice w a minor in psych, however i have criminal record with no person 2 person crimes. Is this possible? My goal is to use my background to my advantage in helping other troubled teens. I did find out i cannot supervise adults but was told I could supervise juvenilles.....please i waisting my time w this avenue of study? Thank you

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Contact the HR office of the probation department to see what background would be a disqualification.Sincerely,

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You can get a degree and education is never a waste. As for getting a job, that's a different story. You need to check the state licensing requirements for each particular career path you may want to take. When I went through the Police Academy during college over twenty years ago, one of my classmates asked me a similar question. He had 2 DUI's and wondered if he would get hired anywhere. Realizing how many qualified candidates apply for police positions, he had his answer. Typically, when a police or probation officer type job opens up, hundreds of applicants try to get hired for one job. The hiring agency will generally weed out the applicants who are not best fitted for the position leaving just the best candidates to be selected from. Do you think, with your background, you will get the job over someone with a clean record? If so, then pursue looking into the qualifications. If not, pursue another career path. Good luck!

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I agree with the other comments posted so far but would also add that in certain positions having had a similar background as delinquent youth may actually be considered beneficial.

Also, your convictions may be expungeable from your record. You should talk to an attorney about whether you qualify, and what your expungement timelines look like.

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First thing you should do is find out whether your convictions qualify for expungement. Some States allow expungement, and other States do not. Among the various States, the eligibility requirements and the waiting periods can vary widely.

You did not say where you were convicted, but if you were convicted in the State of Oregon, we would be glad to evaluate your eligibility free of charge.

Feel free to give us a call at 503-827-8092, or visit our website at

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