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Can I get a continuance for an expired registration, tag and inspection in Wake County NC?

Greensboro, NC |

I live in Guilford County, NC. We are trying to trade the vehicle that the ticket was issued to. Will not pass inspection without substantial repairs(transmission). If we show proper paperwork of trade transaction, will it be dismissed and can we handle this ourselves without an attorney. I have checked and the attorney fee will be 265.00 to 290.00 plus whatever the fine or court costs may be. I am unemployed and don't need to be spending that amt. right now, if i can handle it myself.
Couple of years ago, got same ticket in Greensboro, NC. I went to court with paperwork showing new registration and inspection. Case was dropped and no fees.

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You probably can get the case continued on your own once or twice without needing any special training or any special relationship with the Prosecutor's Office. You probably can get the registration and insurance violations dismissed if you show that the car has been sold and especially if you show that you own some other vehicle that is properly registered and inspected.

This may take two to four trips to Raleigh to accomplish, however. And you will not know which prosecutors to ask nor the best way to approach them. If a lawyer represents you, you will almost certainly not have to make the drive from Guilford County at all. I would recommend considering hiring a lawyer. By the time you pay for gas, you are not likely to save very much and a lawyer will afford you the piece of mind of knowing that the case is being handled properly.