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Can i get a CDL if a had a DWI here in Texas?

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Back in 2004 when a was 20 yrs i got a DWI (stupid me) ,i went to court ,finish my year of probation and had to pay $500 dlls to get my licence back,and now that im 27 yrs old i would like to get a CDL ,but i dont know if im elegible to get one,since i had a dwi?Can i?

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It is possible to apply for a CDL if you only have one DWI. A second DWI would disqualify you for life.


The issuance and control over commercial driver licenses (CDL) is highly regulatory and must comply with the Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs), as well as state statutory law. Although the individual states issue driver licenses, and the CDL is an endorsement to an existing state driver license, the terms and conditions of issuance or removal are generally all controlled by federal regulation.

Under the revised CFRs, effective in 2002, a second offense DUI/DWI is a lifetime ban of holding a CDL, and this includes whether or not the DUI/DWI occurred in a private vehicle or a commercial vehicle. A single conviction of DUI/DWI generally results in a one year disqualification of the CDL endorsement, but the licensee is eligible to regain the CDL after one year removal.


The simpliest action you can take is to contact the Texas Department of Public Safety in Austin, Texas. Call the Drivers License Bureau at 512-424-2600 to ask a representative any Texas D.L. question.
or go to their official website at -

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