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Can I get a "forever" restraining order or no-contact order?

Lansdale, PA |

I want someone to stop contacting me. No calls, texts, emails, snail mails, personal visits, leaving messages, having other contact me etc. This person has been harassing me for years - words intended to cause fear, anxiety or mental distress. Is he doing cyber-stallking?

There are no threats of physical harm. It's emotional harm that he's dealing out.

Note - he lives in California. I lived in Pennsylvania. He does go on business trips to other states now and then.

He's in jail right now for anger/violence. According to the country clerk updates leading up to the trial, there have been several psych evaluations. THis confirms my long belief that he's mentally unbalanced. - edit

For evidence I have digital recordings of phone messages that are also transcribed. And I have emails.

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Since you are not in fear of him and he has not made any threats to harm you physically you are not likely to receive a Protection from Abuse Order against him ( often called a restraining order). You can however instruct him to cease all contact with you and if he continues he can be charged with harassment here in PA even though he lives in CA. Often in these cases the police will contact him on your behalf and tell him to cease contacting you and tell him if you get one more call or text they will file charges against him. That usually does the trick. If he has not complied go to the Lansdale PD where you live and explain the situation.

This information does not create an attorney /client relationship and should not be use or relied upon to make any decision in your case. Only consultation with your own attorney can provide you with the advice you need for your case.



Thank you very much. At the next "outburst" I will mail him a Cease & Desist letter and I will file (another) police report. This time I will beg the officer to directly call this person and them to knock it off. Perhaps that will be enough...but with his psychiatric issues, who knows.


I agree with Adam. Further, even if you did get a PFA it would not be forever - they are limited to three years. Steve


Have an attorney send him a letter directing that he cease any and all contact. If it continues, notify the local police to determine if they wil file charges.


The last i checked, PFA Orders lasted 3 years. If you have good evidence of the calls, you can prosecute him for harassment here in PA. You will need a good address to serve him in CA. its unusual for a county clerk to give out info like that on the phone. Keep all of your evidence on this guy as you may need it in the future.