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Can I fly back to Seattle if I have a felony warrant there without being arrested at the airport?

Sanford, NC |

I'm currently in North Carolina and I have a felony warrant in Seattle. I have to fly back to Seattle. Do they run names for warrants at the airport? Is there a chance I would be arrested?

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There is always a chance. I suggest you hire an attorney in Seattle to help you straighten everything out.


There is a chance that you would be arrested. Unfortunately, I cannot be any more definite. A Seattle criminal defense attorney may be able to tell you more, but maybe not. You may not be able to answer this question except by flying to Seattle. Some of the answer may also have to do with how common your name is. Sorry, I cannot be any more certain.

If you are facing a felony, you are going to need a lawyer in Seattle. I suggest that you consider hiring someone now to help you with this question and with the underlying felony.


It depends upon how diligent law enforcement at the airport is when you arrive. Before you fly to Seattle, you should hire a Seattle lawyer to help you handle this matter. If you are stopped for any reason in NC, including a minor traffic violation, you could be arrested on the Washington warrant if the police there have put it into the national system.

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