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Can I find an attorney that would take my case on consignment?

Atwater, CA |

I have gone through an Administrative Law hearing and the judge's opinion ( rule ) was against me . I think I have a good chance of proving my innocence through a good attorney . The amount in question is significant and would be glad to compensate after positive results are achieved .

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It is contingency, not consignment. You need to describe more about your case. Not all cases are eligible for contingency fees, it is prohibited in certain types of cases. Also, appeals are a little bit different, because you are appealing something that has already been determined, and the trial attorney would have been the one entitled to the contingency fee, so unless that attorney was prepared to share the fee, you are probably not going to find an appellate attorney willing to take a case on that basis. You need to talk to your trial attorney and also consult with an appellate attorney in your area.

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Attorney work on different fee schedules. Set up a consultation and explain your situation to the lawyer. If your case is good as you think, he or she may agree to an alternative arrangement.


Appealing an administrative ruling (after exhausting any further admin reconsiderations) requires the writs in superior court. ( i am assuming this was a formal hearing) have some very specific time frames to meet.

I am confused as to what type of Admin Case would find you guilty...

I agree that you should sit down with an attorney and see what the case is, the facts of the case, and see what fee arrangements could be made but you need to not miss any deadlines while you are waiting.

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