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Can I find a copy of my fathers will online,I wasn't notified when he died 10 yr.s ago,he died in Texas, I live in Ohio?

Dayton, OH |

I didn't know of my fathers death until months after he died. I never saw his will. Is it possible to research something like this on the internet, I live in Ohio, he died in Temple Texas? Didn't I have the right (as his only daughter, to see his will?)

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If there was a need to file his Will, you should have received notice. Lack of notice to you would indicate that Dad used a living Trust or other non-probate methoda to pass his assets at death.

You should be able to access online the county Probate Court's Index to see if a case was ever opened. It might not be called the Probate Court, it could be titled differently, like surrogate, family, superior . . .