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Can i fill out a form for contempt of court form without having a lawyer do it?

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My ex-husband has moved my children to a city other than the one agreed in our divorce decree. I want to file contempt on him so he cant move them since it wasn't a mutual agreement. I don't have the money for a lawyer right now, and the courthouse clerk wont give me any legal advice.

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I am sorry that you are going through this. In most states contempts forms are created and the fee structure is created for people exactly in your situation, as is the form. You should be able to have it filled out and served on him and then be heard in court, take care.

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You can get a Rule to Show Cause form at the county courthouse. It has to be filed in the county where you were divorced. There is a fee of approximately $185. The other party must be served and there is an additional fee for this. You can have the county sheriff do this. If you are low income, you can get the filing fee and service fee deferred by filing an In Forma Pauperis application. That form can also be found at the court house.

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