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Can I file with DFEH after filing with EEOC? I was told by an investigator that my case was dropped and not investigated.

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I assisted a managing partner who was discriminatory in reviews and requested a reassignment. Once I was a reassigned, a new office adm was hired and I was rewritten up and items put in my file; an attorney mentioned the office adm was being told what to say; I was put on a 60 day probation wherein I was told in essence I would be fired if I didn't improve. I was given only associates who started giving me bad reviewes; denied a raise. I filed with EEOC and after receiving an affidavit from my firm saying "they didn't know about the discrimination" they closed the case. I did receive a raise this year, but it was $200.00. My witnesses were never called nor my filed reviewed by investigator. What are my options?

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Ask for Right to Sue letter from EEOC/FEHA if they choose not to pick up the claim. Then consult an Attorney in the Discrimination field. He will guide you further in your quest for Justice.



Thank you. Once this law firm received notice from EEOC, I was terminated. Shall I seek legal advice?

George Ellis Corson IV

George Ellis Corson IV


Definitely. IF they fired you because you made a claim, that is another Discrimination count.


Ask for a Right to Sue letter and locate a private attorney.

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