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Can i file papers against condemnation for my house in missouri?

Saint Louis, MO |

My house is up for condemnation. the county had a court hearing without my knowledge. Can I file the papers myself to stop the order? If so, what forms and process should I use to get things started?

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you really need to see a condemnation lawyer for answers. without a review of the basis for the taking its not possible to advise. ordinarily govnermental and quasi governmental (think utilities) have the authority to condemn land for public purposes. what that means is subject to interpretation and that is why lawyers are necessary; to protect landowners from improper takings and if not improper to see that they are properly and adequately compensated.

without a detailed review by a lawyer can all the issues raised in your question be appropriately addressed...nothing in this response should be construed as establishing a lawyer client relationship..the answers herein are for informational purposes and not to be construed as advice


More information is needed to answer, but briefly, you probably need an attorney for this. What happened at the Court hearing - was an award determined for the property being taken (this is usually the last step)? Also, you say you didn't have knowledge of the hearing - do you know whether the Court file states that notice was mailed to you? If you don't know the answers to these questions, someone - probably an attorney - needs to start by reviewing the Court file in order to figure out what has happened. Only then can the next step be determined.

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