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Can i file for the same claim if i cancel my current court date at a later time

Grand Rapids, MI |

I filed a claim & delivery with a motion for possesion pending final judgement against my ex boyfriend to reclaim my dog. If I cancel this due to my ex wanting to resolve outside of court can I file again later if he doesnt follow through?

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Yes. As long as the case is not dismissed with prejudice, you can bring it again by refilling.



If I cancel the case it shouldnt be dismissed with prejudice should it? I just want to make sure before I ruin my chances of getting my dog back via a Judge rueling. I guess do I even have a leg to stand on in the 1st place? He got the dog for free but asked if i wanted her. He lived in my home and I said yes to the dog. I paid for the vet bills and have proof, she is licensed to me, her micro chip is in my name yet he took her and said she was given to him and the judge will grant her to him.



also do you know what the time limit is to file for this type of situation? Does it start over from the time of the new issue?

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