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Can I file for chapter 7 if I have a debt consolidation already?

Colonia, NJ |

I am looking into filing for chapter 7. I am willing to give up my house..I owe more on the house than it is worth. I have too much debt and can not keep up with it. I obtained a debt consolidation a year ago, but I still can not keep up with the payments

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Debt consolidation is no substitute for bankruptcy relief, and does not preclude a bankruptcy discharge, but navigating bankruptcy procedure without effective legal assistance is unwise. For the precise advice you need, consult with an experienced bankruptcy attorney who will do a complete case review and make a recommendation. If you do not know such a lawyer, use the attorney-finder at

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If debt consolidation/debt management hasn't worked for you, you should look into whether Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy would be a better option for you. Since the devil is in the details, you will want to discuss the particulars of your financial problems with a local bankruptcy attorney. Hope this perspective helps!


I agree with my colleagues. Speak to an attorney who is experienced in both bankruptcy and mortgage foreclosure defense, before you make any decisions that you might regret.

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