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Can I file criminal charges against someone for online stalking

Tennessee |

If someone in another state has been hunting you down on the internet for two years or more for the sole purpose of posting recent updates to your address, blogs, phone numbers etc etc on the hate blogs they keep about you and your family, can you get a restraining order? What exacly would they help if you were able? Also is it illegal to post people's personal information such as ssn if a person is a private citizen? Thanks in advance.

I say stalking because this person has tracked down every mention of my IP, Email Addresses, Screen Namess, Real Name, Resident and places I posted anonymously using only a Nic Name about personal issues such as depression, loss of a child support groups, medical concerns and so on and has now reposted those things but attaches my full legal name to them in hopes people will find this information in a search of my name. You know people like classmates, relatives, employers, clients the list goes on. This person was once an online friend who had a problem with me not agreeing with her opinion. Yikes isn't the word.

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If the practice of law has taught me one thing, it's that anyone can file anything. Speak to the DA if you wish to file charges. Speak to a family law attorney if you wish to file a restraining order, they will help you do this. Good luck.

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