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Can i file chargs against a bank employee who disclosed my personal trasaction and account activity on facebook.

Las Vegas, NV |

upon discovery of the unauthorzied access, I contacted US bank and filed a complaint on 04/19/2010-I contacted US Bank branch managers, district manager and ethics department.

Needless to say todays June 1, 2010; no actions has been taken.

There are two issues. First, the publication of bank records which is likely in violation of US Banks own policies. Second, defamatory statments. I contacted few attorney in Las Vegas. I given all documentation outlying that I've filed a complaint with FTC, Federal Reserve, LV police department for harassment and defamatory statement. However, they stated that there was nothing I can do about this. I greatly appreciate the help. I am very frustrated and dont know what else to do. I'm being harass and afraid that I'll bump into these people. This employee created a big mess. as far as I know, she still employed with U.S. Bank.

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If the employee was acting in furtherance of collection regarding a debt, and if they were a third party debt collector, you may have a claim under the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If it was nothing more than your bank, then you can likely sue the bank and employee for breach of privacy, intrusion into seclusion, breach of contract, etc.


You might have a claim for violation of the bank's privacy policy which is required under the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (there is no private right of action under the law itself). You can try for an unfair and deceptive trade practices act action if your state has such a law. You can complain to the bank's state or federal regulators for help as well.

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