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Can i file an EEOC after i quit, or if i get terminated?

Clarksville, TN |

about 2 1/2 weeks ago i told my employer that i was pregnant. Her response was very insulting. immediately after that i was pulled out of the job i was hired for , my training was never finished for that job title. they have me doing other duties that i specifically said i would be uncomfortable with being pregnant ,my hours have been significantly cut, and they are continuously sending me home early(after only completely 2 hours of a 6 hour shift) . just yesterday i called in sick and explained that i had a migraine and was throwing up. hours later they call and tell me i need a doctors note for having a migraine. this is the first time they have ever requested a doctors note from me , although i have had to miss scheduled days for doctors appointments they never asked for a note before

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An employee can file an EEOC charge of discrimination as soon as they have been subjected to an adverse employment determination. The facts that you presented reasonably places you in a posiition to allege pregnancy discrimination in violation of Title VII when your employer pulled you out of your job and cut your training AFTER they became aware that you was pregnant. You do not have to wait to be terminated in this instance. You can file now.

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