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Can I file a slander pro se against a fl city for lifeguard alleging pedophilia publicly?

Hallandale, FL |

Hubby at beach, in water. Woman makes allegation to lifeguard that he is taking inappropriate pictures of their children. Screaming in spanish and pointing at him in the water, we paid her no mind. When he got out, he was approached by the lifeguard and his supervisor (no cop present) demanding to know why he was taking pics and citing peoples right to privacy. This went on for 10 minutes, they were loud and people looked on. He showed them he had his keys, and a credit card case attached that floats in the water...the women screamed to make him empty his pockets, so he camera or electronics of any kind. He was let go off the beach, while all the beach patrons looked on. He was publicly humiliated. I believe this is slander pro se...can you recommend me to a local attorney?

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Your belief is simply incorrect and there is no real legal action here. Obviously, any ihere ssue is with the woman making claim of picture taking, which appears to be incorrect, at least to the point that he was not found to possess a camera at the time. While it is not illegal, I think most people would find it odd that a person would go swimming with credit cards and keys, and its simply possible that the credit card holder was mistaken for a camera because of this. As to suing someone for alleging pedophilia, this is simply exaggerated based on the facts provided. Improperly taking pictures of children in public does not make pedofile though it may be improper for a variety of reasons, including privacy rights. I see no claim against the city or the lifeguards who were simply doing their jobs.


Yes if you know the woman's name and can prove exactly what was said....... but....remember that these cases are costly and time consuming

Hire an attorney and good luck.


The short answer is that you can file a slander case. However, I doubt the damages are significant enough to warrant doing so.

Daniel Girvan Williams

Daniel Girvan Williams


Let me add to my answer. I agree with Mr. Tischhauser that you would not have a case against the lifeguard but rather against the woman making the allegations.


Your initial reaction was the proper one, i.e. - "Screaming in spanish and pointing at him in the water, we paid her no mind." A defamation action is not worth the effort or emotional and other investment.

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