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Can I file a restraining order against someone I must work with every day?

La Mirada, CA |

I have an immediate supervisor who is telling lies and personal information about me in conversations with others at my workplace, and also texting information about me from my personnel file to my co-workers. The administrator and this person are very friendly, and he refuses to tell her to stop. What legal action can I take to shut this person up? Quitting my job is not an option in this economy, plus I have been an excellent employee for many years and have a pension plan and medical insurance I cannot afford to simply forfeit and walk away from. Do I have any legal remedy available to stop the slander and libel from this individual. I can prove her allegations and gossip are false.

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This sounds like you need a consultation with a qualified employment law attorney. Perhaps you have employment law claims you can bring against the employer, under certain conditions.

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