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Can I file a restraining order against my mother in law and brothes in law?

San Diego, CA |

My inlaws (mother and 2 brothers) convinced my 11 year son he was being abused resulting in CPS coming to our house 3 times. All charges were unfounded. Last year we found a cell phone that my mother in law gave our son. It was used for late night calls, texting and internet. There were texts arranging late night meetings outside the home, leaving packages for my son, plots to steal our house key etc. When we got rid of the phone when it was discovered. Today we found another cell phone from them used for similar purposes. Can I file a domestic abuse restraining order against my mother in law for child endangerment (giving him a this device, a brother in law for setting up evening meetings and the other for calling my son late at night which jeapordizes his health?

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You should meet with an attorney regarding your options. It is not really a domestic abuse situation but I can see your concerns and I agree that your concerns are reasonable. An attorney can help you sort out your legal options. How old is your son?

Best of luck to you.

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