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Can I file a police report without serial numbers for the computers ? Will the police go to the home asking questions ?

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I stayed a few days with someone that was a friend. When I was packing to move out, my new hard drive was missing along with the cord only for the TV and another new PC monitor that was never out of the box. The only person that could have taken it was the owners 26 year old grandson that also lived in the house. He doesn't work & has stolen money, debit cards, etc. from his grandmother over the years. I realize that I will never see this HP hard drive again but I only have the empty box from it to file a police report. I want it on file since I don't know who will be doing what on line with it in the future and it was registered to me.

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First of all you don't have to have the ability to establish the serial number of your property to support a theft charge, but I would think that, if as you say, the property was registered with the manufacturer that they could inform you regarding the serial number for that particular hard drive or monitor. By all means report it to the local police without further delay. If you are able to obtain additional information about the stolen items, provide that to police as well.

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